Annual Giving

Annual Giving 2023

Dear Members and Friends,

As we come to the close of 2023, we want to acknowledge and thank you for the support you have shown to the Society during the year. What a year it has been! So many renovation projects have been completed at the Headquarters building and the Hays House. Thanks for your support through donations to The Historical Society of Harford County, Inc.

  • Have you noticed the beautiful new front doors at the Headquarters building that will lead our visitors to the museum?
  • Have you noticed that the window restoration project is almost complete?
  • Have you noticed how nice the loading dock looks after it was scrapped and painted?
  • Have you noticed that our flagpole was painted?
  • Have you noticed how the landscaping was spruced up at the Headquarters building?
  • Have you noticed the new roof at the Hays House?

All the projects above were completed as our dedicated staff and volunteers continued our normal daily operations of transcribing documents, preserving artifacts and textiles, and assisting patrons with genealogical queries, and do not forget the Brown Bag Series and YouTube webinars we create for you. Harford 250’s, Night at the Ball Park was a huge success. We hit it out of the park!

As we look forward to the opening of your museum by the end of 2023, we need your continued support to maintain the museum and our ongoing restoration projects.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the 2024 Annual Giving Campaign.
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Every penny of every donation goes 100% into the Historical Society of Harford County to maintain our buildings, collections, and computer equipment. In return, we can share our collections with you and the world.

Thank you for your support.


William Walden, President