Annual Giving

Annual Giving 2022

Dear Members and Friends:

As we come to the close of 2022, we want to acknowledge and thank you for the support you have shown to the Society during the year. Even though we have been unable to open our doors we have had a successful year.

What does success look like for the Historical Society of Harford County?

Is it the new windows to replace the rotting ones and quell drafts, the restoration of the HQ lobby to bring forth a museum, or the reorganization of the interior of the headquarters building? Perhaps success looks like the myriad of brown bag talks and virtual webinars we held throughout the year. It could also be the dozens of textiles and artifacts we have preserved over the last year or the records that our volunteers transcribed. Success has been all of these and so much more here at The Historical Society of Harford County and it is all due to the confidence and support our members, donors, and sponsor partners have placed in us.

Success is an ongoing labor of love!

As we look forward to the opening of our museum in 2023, we need the continued help of those who share the love that we have for the history of Harford County. Please consider donating to The Historical Society of Harford County during our Annual Giving campaign. Every penny of every donation goes 100% into HSHC – be it by sustaining our climate-controlled environment for artifact storage, monthly bills, expenses for supplies, equipment to preserve artifacts, or computers to share our collection to the world.

If you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the 2022 Annual Giving Campaign, simply fill out and mail the enclosed form or fill out the form below.

Thank you for your support.


William Walden