The Lasting Legacy Program

A bequest is one of the easiest charitable gifts you can make. You continue to live your life as you wish while providing the Society a sustainable future to do its work recording and preserving the county’s past for future generations.

There are a number of ways to make a bequest to the Society.

  • A Specific Bequest could be the gift of a specific asset such as real estate, a car or a specific dollar amount.
  • A Percentage Bequest could involve leaving a percentage of your overall estate to the Society.
  • A Residual Bequest would involve leaving the balance of the estate after the will or trust has given away other specific requests.
  • A Contingent Bequest can be included in a will to allow a specific property to go the Society if an intended beneficiary could no longer receive the bequest.

What are the benefits of a bequest?

A bequest is generally a revocable gift, which means it can be changed or modified at any time. You can choose to designate the bequest be for general use or for a specific purpose that you desire. Bequests are exempt from federal estate taxes and if you have a taxable estate, the estate tax charitable deduction may offset or eliminate estate taxes, allowing a larger inheritance for your heirs.

Talk to your financial advisor to learn how to make a bequest to the Historical Society of Harford County. This can benefit both your estate and the Society as a Legacy of your commitment to future generations.

For more information, Contact the Society:

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