The North Atlantic Cities


12:30 pm, Tuesday, March  9, 2021

Registration ended at 10:30am.

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Main Points/Topics of presentation:

  • The cities of England, Ireland, Holland, and the Middle Atlantic States grew up together and were built in the same way.
  • They are very different from the cities of continental Europe and continental North America.
  • Our cities, the North Atlantic Cities, include many of the world’s greatest cities: London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Washington, Boston, Baltimore.
  • Charlie Duff tells their many stories, from their birth in the 1600s to the present time

Charles Duff combines scholarship with practical work as a developer and a community planner.  As President of Jubilee Baltimore, he has built or rebuilt more than 300 buildings in historic Baltimore neighborhoods. He lectures widely and has taught at Johns Hopkins University.  He co-wrote Then and Now: Baltimore Architecture in 2005, contributed to The Architecture of Baltimore, and has translated two books about the tragedies of SophoclesHe is a graduate of Amherst College and Harvard University.

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